About Dhanie Arie

Hi, my name is Dhanie Arie and I resides in Bali for many years already. I arrived in Bali on 2003 and I fell in love since then. When I arrived here for the first time it was only for a holiday, but on the second day here I’ve got a job offer and voila, “Here I am”. On the professional side, I have experiences in Event Management, Public Relations and Personal Assistant as well as Event Venue Manager.

I love doing Culinary, Photography and Traveling on my spare time. I think those three things are related to each other. I am an active reviewer in Google Local Guides to support the local business around the hood. In terms of photography, In the world of photography, I am more into landscape and astro photography. I love hunting the stars in the sky as the object of my photos. My name was mentioned by Coconut Singapore and re-shared by YahooNews! for the full moon photo that I took in 2020. And my milky photos were also mentioned on Local Guides Connect powered by Google. 

“When you are traveling sure you will take photos to capture the moments and try the local food”

What I do Now?

I help businesses to grow their Instagram account organically without Spamming or even Paid Ads!

I have my own manual method to help businesses to grow their Business Account on Instagram. You know, nowadays is all about Social Media. People are searching for recommendation through internet, No More Yellow Pages! Being know on Social Media it’s a rule number one.

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Forketta Bali is new in the hood of Sanur, from its name sure you can guess what sort of food they offer. Yes, you are right! Italian Food.

Open everyday from 1PM and closed at 10PM.

This is my first time visited the restaurant, the staff was very friendly and helpful. As my first time I came here I tried the Pizza as It’s been like ages I don’t eat pizza. I had Capriccioza and requested to change the pork to Beef Pepperoni. When the pizza served on my table, I was kind amazed by the pizza’s size, literally enough for 2 person (on my opinion).

Forketta Bali offers so many variant of Italian food. As well as the gluten free section for you if you are a gluten free person.

Surely I will come back again to Forketta Bali

Like my Review on Google: https://goo.gl/maps/F9imD4jPQuL1sjXD8

Me and friends having dinner in Forketta Bali
Meat Lover Pizza by Forketta Bali