Lately, some of you may have noticed my frequent visits to Munduk for capturing photos of the Milky Way.

The reason behind this curiosity is that Munduk offers an ideal location for shooting the Milky Way due to its minimal light pollution, which greatly aids in capturing the celestial phenomenon. I stumbled upon this information using an app called Light Pollution Map, available for download on the Play Store for Android phones or the App Store for iOS. After gathering details from the app, I invested a significant amount of time on Google Maps researching accommodations within my budget that suited my needs.

In short, after an extensive search, I discovered a breathtaking place that was easily accessible by motorbike. Traveling by car proved challenging due to narrow and steep roads, necessitating parking at a distance and walking. However, with a motorbike, access to the premises was much more convenient. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to find a large swimming pool and, most importantly, a stunning view of the sunset.

My initial visit to Puri Sunny Glamping during the full moon, in hopes of witnessing the Milky Way, resulted in disappointment, as only the beautiful full moon was visible. Determined, I planned to return during the new moon phase two weeks later.

During my subsequent visit, I experienced a different story. The incredibly vast and stunning 180-degree view was truly remarkable. Finally, I successfully captured the Milky Way, despite some light pollution from surrounding villages along the way. I spent the night wide awake, photographing until 2 am, accompanied only by Jono, the dog and the bodyguard at Puri Sunny Glamping, as the other guests were asleep.

Nestled in a rural village, Puri Sunny Glamping offers a visual feast of sunsets, rice fields, and hills. The serene sounds of nature, including mountain water, birds, and the wind, provide a calming backdrop.