Alam Kita Glamping Astrophotography

Alam Kita Glamping Astrophotography

After eagerly waiting for months, I finally paid a visit to Alam Kita Glamping in the serene locale of Munduk. The place is a bargain, surrounded by refreshing greenery as generous as its rates and hosts leaving one spellbound with their warmth. If you’ve been searching for an ideal romantic spot to share with your significant other under the blanket of the night sky, this is it. Plus, there’s a wonderful added bonus – a bonfire feature on-site that you can both revel in.

Munduk, the unassuming jewel in Bali’s crown, beckons with the appeal of a simpler life and the beauty of the untouched wilderness. Untamed jungles, traditional homes, endless coffee plants, with waterfalls thrown in for good measure. Add some local culinary delights to this treat, and Munduk promises to be more than just a fleeting visit.

I am a passionate astro-photographer, often timing my trips with the new moon, hoping for the least light pollution. The camping site made for a stellar viewing deck for the celestial bodies to flaunt their brightness.

A flitting cloud cover did obscure the cosmic wonders that lay beyond, impacting my photo-taking. Yet, at Alam Kita there was a surprise bonus – a teasing half-view of the enchanting Milky Way.

My mind wandered amidst these scenarios: the perfect camping location from where the Milky Way poses perfectly for my lens. Despite the odds and the elusiveness of such a spot, I found myself embarking on a new quest. A hopeful side-quest during my main quest under the stars.

At my side always, my partner in capturing the galaxies – my Fujifilm XT-5. Complete with FX lenses, and supported by my sturdy Manfrotto tripod. A perfect trio for my astral adventures. But alas! There surfaced a hiccup. My usual tripod extension – the ball-head, required for tilting my camera just right was missed. One small misstep in an otherwise fantastic sidereal journey.

So, I went basic with my gear at this magical site. The result? Loads of breathtaking landscape photos. It goes to show, you don’t need fancy stuff for epic adventures. The magic is in making the most of what you’ve got. Want a sneak peek of the gorgeous vistas I snapped?

When capturing images, I consistently employ my Fujifilm X-T5 camera, an upgrade from the previous X-T2 model. Paired with the wide-angle Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 lens, and supported by a Manfrotto tripod for image stabilization, my photography setup ensures optimal results.