About Dhanie Arie

Hi, my name is Dhanie Arie and I resides in Bali for many years already. I arrived in Bali on 2003 and I fell in love since then. When I arrived here for the first time it was only for a holiday, but on the second day here I’ve got a job offer and voila, “Here I am”. On the professional side, I have experiences in Event Management, Public Relations and Personal Assistant as well as Event Venue Manager.

I love doing Culinary, Photography and Traveling on my spare time. I think those three things are related to each other. I am an active reviewer in Google Local Guides to support the local business around the hood. In terms of photography, In the world of photography, I am more into landscape and astro photography. I love hunting the stars in the sky as the object of my photos. My name was mentioned by Coconut Singapore and re-shared by YahooNews! for the full moon photo that I took in 2020. And my milky photos were also mentioned on Local Guides Connect powered by Google. 

“When you are traveling sure you will take photos to capture the moments and try the local food”

What I do Now?

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The noodle place its origin from Jogjakarta, Central Java. Offer the authentic taste from its origin especially the chicken noodle soup.

Open in May 2005, Mie Godog Mama Sri only sells the same menu Soup Noodle, Friend Noodle and Fried Rice. Cook with charcoal flame makes the taste authentic.

The food stall located in Jalan Dewi Sri 88A, Legian Bali, open everyday from 5pm until 11pm.

Kasera Bali is new in the hood, which offering variant or noodles and rice for guests to enjoy.

Located in Jalan Mertha Agung, Kerobokan whereas guests can enjoy the rice field view. Kasera open every from 10am till 10pm, they accept Dine and Take Away.

I had tried Ag Mie Olio and KFC-Pop Kerobokan as main course. The Ag Mie Olie taste so delicious with home made noodle, KFC-Pop Kerobokan it’s a rice bowl with very crispy chicken and sambal trilogy (chilly).

And for the dessert I had “Wingko Babat”, the wingko babat was presented perfectly and great taste. Wingko Babat is a traditional snack origin from Semarang and some areas in Central Java. Wingko Babat made from sticky rice and coconut. It’s perfect for a dessert!!

Kasera has plenty of options on the menu, they do also a Dim-Sum package to choose. {see menu}

Some nights you will be entertained by a DJ.

Read more of my reviews on Google: https://goo.gl/maps/jRQaN6Xhr14kFHnt6

Siapa yang tidak tahu John Hardy?

John Hardy merupakan perusahaan kerajinan tangan dalam bentuk perhiasan untuk pria dan wanita dimana sebagian besar menggunakan bahan perak. John Hardy ini pertama kali didirikan pada tahun 1975, hingga saat ini mereka mempunyai sekitar 21 lokasi yang tersebar di Bali dan NTT.

Butik yang terbaru mereka saat ini terletak di Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak – Bali dengan membawa konsep traditional building dan interior bambu yang sangat berkelas dan cantik.

Selain menawarkan perhiasan perak mereka, di John Hardy Seminyak juga mempunyai tempat buat para pelanggan menikmati makan siang di lantai dasar dan pelanggan juga dapat menikmati minuman tradisional yang ada disana seperti es campur, jamu – jamu tradisional, aneka krupuk dan kudapan seperti sate bungkul, sate lilit dan lain-lain.

Para pelanggan juga dapat menikmati pemandangan matahari terbenam sambil menikmati minuman yang ada.

Sunset View from John Hardy Seminyak ~ Bali