With a heart brimming with excitement, I embarked on a quest to once again capture the elusive beauty of the Milky Way. This endeavor had proven elusive in the past, thwarted even on the auspicious Day of Silence due to unexpected cancellations.

A few moons ago, I set out to the Karangasem region during a new moon phase, a perfect canvas for celestial wonders. Alas, a thick blanket of clouds conspired against my hopes that night, obscuring the heavens from view.

Undeterred, a new plan formed in my mind. This time, I directed my steps towards the enchanting Pelaga Village in Petang – Badung. Nestled in this pristine corner of Bali was my abode for the journey – Pelaga Eco Park, a glamping haven in the embrace of nature. Here, the gentle murmur of the river, the nocturnal symphony of birds, and the serenade of frogs orchestrated a soothing harmony.

Nature’s benevolence extended to the weather as well. The air was crisp, so chilling that even the need for an air-conditioner became obsolete. To my astonishment, destiny had a surprise in store. The canvas upon which my dreams of capturing the Milky Way were to be painted was none other than the tent I found myself in. A perfect stage set by fate.

The eve of my arrival was marked by fatigue as an early dawn departure loomed, beckoning a weekend escapade with my comrade. Post work, a hasty return home, a swift rendezvous, and our motorcycles carried us into the night towards Pelaga Eco Park. The journey, a dance with time, lasted two hours.

Under the starry cloak of 8 pm, we arrived, fueling my anticipation to unfurl my camera and seize the cosmic dance above. Yet, the cosmos seemed to play a game of hide and seek, veiled by clouds that withheld their secrets. For two patient hours, I waited. Then, as if scripted by some celestial director, the clouds parted around 10 pm, unveiling the grand spectacle I so eagerly yearned for. The Milky Way lay before me, a river of stardust.

The lens of my camera became my conduit to the cosmos, a bridge between realms. Click after click, the hours slipped by unnoticed, the clock striking 2:30 am.

The following night, a new opportunity unfurled. The clouds extended their blessing, and I grasped the chance with fervor. My camera was an extension of my soul, a medium through which I expressed my passion for capturing the unseen.

An unfortunate hiccup emerged, my camera’s memory reaching its limit. Still, I cherished the photographs I managed to immortalize during those two nights at Pelaga Eco Park. Though my initial plan was to gather 600 photos, each with a 15-second exposure, sleep’s embrace led me astray until 1:30 am.

Persistence, however, remained my companion. I swapped camera batteries, determined to honor the path I’d set. But as the sun’s earliest light brushed the sky at 3:40 am, I awoke to a silent camera. Mystery shrouded its sudden halt. Investigation revealed the truth – the memory was full, unable to capture more.

Even so, contentment bloomed within me like the stars themselves. The photographs I had secured narrated a story of Pelaga Eco Park’s serene beauty, encapsulating cherished memories of my sojourn.

In gratitude, my words flow toward Pelaga Eco Park. From the first digital interaction on Instagram to the moment of arrival, their hospitality was a beacon of warmth. Patient answers, gracious understanding – they painted a picture of care. Despite my late arrival, their smiles greeted me, their service was a symphony of excellence.

To the team at Pelaga Eco Park, I offer my heart’s appreciation. Their kindness added layers of joy to my stay, transforming an experience into a memory etched in my soul. In the end, what more can I say but thank you, for the memories and the magic that is now a part of me.