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Nestled in a rural village, Puri Sunny Glamping offers a visual feast of sunsets, rice fields, and hills. The serene sounds of nature, including mountain water, birds, and the wind, provide a calming backdrop.

I am a passionate astro-photographer, often timing my trips with the new moon, hoping for the least light pollution. The camping site made for a stellar viewing deck for the celestial bodies to flaunt their brightness.

The following night, a new opportunity unfurled. The clouds extended their blessing, and I grasped the chance with fervor. My camera was an extension of my soul, a medium through which I expressed my passion for capturing the unseen.

And in the realm of astrophotography lies a technique as enchanting as the stars themselves – the art of star trail photography. A sibling to astrophotography, this art demands patience as exposure times stretch beyond 15 minutes. A dance of intervals captures the passage of stars, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of celestial trails. My own endeavors in this domain culminated in a star trails image, a testament to the universe’s timeless ballet.

Ever since I took up photography as a hobby, I’ve eagerly awaited Nyepi every year. Before 2020, I used to leave Bali for Nyepi Day. However, since then, I’ve celebrated Nyepi in Bali twice, and each time I’ve had a unique experience.