Greetings, I’m Dhanie Arie, a name that’s been woven into the tapestry of Bali for countless years. My journey here began in 2003, a time when the island’s enchantment took hold of me and never let go. What started as a simple holiday transformed into a lifelong love affair.

In those early days, I ventured to Bali for a brief escape, a reprieve from the routine. Little did I know that destiny had other plans for me. Just as the sun painted the skies in hues of gold on my second day, an unexpected job offer found its way to me, forever altering my course. And so, like a chapter unfolding in a book, I embraced this new path.

My professional chapters are diverse, ranging from orchestrating grand events to shaping public perceptions through the art of Public Relations. As a Personal Assistant and Event Venue Manager, I’ve played many roles, each contributing to the mosaic of my experience.

Yet, beyond the realms of work, my heart dances to the rhythms of Culinary, Photography, and the allure of Travel. These passions intertwine, creating a harmonious melody of exploration. As a fervent Google Local Guides reviewer, I lend my voice to the neighborhood, championing local businesses that add flavor to the community.

In the realm of photography, I am an eager wanderer, capturing the world’s beauty through the lens. My truest love lies in landscapes and the cosmos above. Nights spent beneath a blanket of stars become my canvas, each twinkle a stroke of inspiration. My photographic journey reached new heights when my full moon masterpiece graced the pages of Coconut Singapore and echoed through YahooNews! The Milky Way also unveiled its secrets through my lens, celebrated on Local Guides Connect powered by Google.