I am a passionate astro-photographer, often timing my trips with the new moon, hoping for the least light pollution. The camping site made for a stellar viewing deck for the celestial bodies to flaunt their brightness.

The following night, a new opportunity unfurled. The clouds extended their blessing, and I grasped the chance with fervor. My camera was an extension of my soul, a medium through which I expressed my passion for capturing the unseen.

And in the realm of astrophotography lies a technique as enchanting as the stars themselves – the art of star trail photography. A sibling to astrophotography, this art demands patience as exposure times stretch beyond 15 minutes. A dance of intervals captures the passage of stars, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of celestial trails. My own endeavors in this domain culminated in a star trails image, a testament to the universe’s timeless ballet.

Ever since I took up photography as a hobby, I’ve eagerly awaited Nyepi every year. Before 2020, I used to leave Bali for Nyepi Day. However, since then, I’ve celebrated Nyepi in Bali twice, and each time I’ve had a unique experience.

And there, amidst the tapestry of my digital footprint, a gem shimmered – a full moon photo I had captured, celebrated on none other than Coconut Singapore. Like a star that had fallen from the night sky, it had found its place among the pages of recognition. The moon’s ethereal glow, which I had immortalized through the lens, had now become a beacon, guiding those who sought its luminous beauty.

Once upon a time, in the heart of Jogjakarta, Central Java, a humble noodle haven came into existence. Its roots traced back to this historical city, where authenticity and tradition were revered above all else. This was the birthplace of the legendary noodle establishment that would later captivate taste buds and tell a flavorful tale.

Nestled along the enchanting Jalan Mertha Agung in Kerobokan, Kasera Bali unfolds against the backdrop of lush rice fields. Here, a vista of tranquility awaits diners, offering a respite from the urban bustle. From the first rays of morning light till the stars take center stage, Kasera’s doors swing open wide, welcoming all who seek a taste of its offerings. An all-day affair, from 10 am to 10 pm, where both Dine-in and Take Away options are extended.

A symphony of tradition and modernity beckons from their latest sanctuary on Jalan Kayu Aya in Seminyak, Bali. This boutique stands as more than a mere building; it’s an embodiment of the ethos that John Hardy embraces. A marriage of traditional aesthetics and contemporary design graces its façade, while the interior whispers secrets of elegance with its bamboo tapestry.

Beyond the realm of pizza, Forketta Bali boasts a treasure trove of Italian fare. An array of choices that spans the horizon of flavors, and for those who tread the path of gluten-free, a dedicated section awaits, ensuring that every palate finds its muse.