Once upon a time, in the heart of Jogjakarta, Central Java, a humble noodle haven came into existence. Its roots traced back to this historical city, where authenticity and tradition were revered above all else. This was the birthplace of the legendary noodle establishment that would later captivate taste buds and tell a flavorful tale.

In the blossoming month of May in the year 2005, Mie Godog Mama Sri emerged onto the culinary scene. A place of culinary pilgrimage, this eatery held tightly to its origins, aiming to replicate the very essence of its birthplace. Among the medley of delectable offerings, it was the chicken noodle soup that took center stage. A masterpiece crafted to transport anyone who tasted it to the bustling streets of Jogjakarta.

Within its walls, simplicity was the guiding principle. The menu, unassuming yet rich in taste, consisted of Soup Noodle, Friend Noodle, and Fried Rice. A triumvirate of flavors, each dish a tribute to the roots that shaped them.

But what truly set this eatery apart was its time-honored method of cooking. The flames of charcoal danced beneath the pots and pans, infusing the dishes with a touch of authenticity that modern methods could never replicate. It was as though the very spirit of Jogjakarta’s culinary traditions was present in every savory bite.

And so, as the years passed, Mie Godog Mama Sri continued to flourish, preserving the legacy of its origin. A place where the past and present converged in a symphony of tastes, reminding all who visited that the truest flavors are born of tradition and passed down through time.

The food stall located in Jalan Dewi Sri 88A, Legian Bali, open everyday from 5pm until 11pm.