In the charming neighborhood of Sanur, a new culinary gem has taken root – Forketta Bali. With a name that dances on the tongue, it’s no secret what delights await within. Yes, you’ve guessed it right – a symphony of Italian flavors.

From the sun’s ascent to its gentle descent, Forketta’s doors swing wide open every day from 1 PM, extending an invitation to indulge in the magic of Italian cuisine until 10 PM.

Stepping into this haven for the first time was a journey into warmth and hospitality. The staff’s smiles were as inviting as the aromas that wafted through the air. My maiden voyage to this culinary sanctuary led me to a rendezvous with a classic – pizza. After what seemed like an eternity of pizza-less days, I chose the Capriccioza, infused with the vibrancy of Beef Pepperoni in lieu of pork. The moment it graced my table, my eyes widened at the sight of its generous expanse – a feast fit for two, in my humble estimation.

Beyond the realm of pizza, Forketta Bali boasts a treasure trove of Italian fare. An array of choices that spans the horizon of flavors, and for those who tread the path of gluten-free, a dedicated section awaits, ensuring that every palate finds its muse.

As I left that delightful sanctuary, a promise lingered in the air – a vow to return. To savor once more the symphony of flavors, the warmth of hospitality, and the unmistakable charm of Forketta Bali.

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